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"Energostroitel" is a sawmill complex with a full cycle of wood processing. The enterprise is spread over 3,2 hectares of land in Kominternovsky area of Odessa region very close to the major Ukrainian ports Odessa and Yuzhny. We produce the softwood lumber of 1/2 grade and pellets at our factory. The design capacity is 200 thousand cubic meters of logs per year and up to 40 thousand tons of pellets per year.

The total volume of investment is over 8 million Euro. The company has created about 120 jobs. The products are manufactured on the A.Costa Righi (Germany, Italy), and CPM EUROPE (Netherlands) equipment. Using the most advanced technology and sawmill waste-free production allows us to offer you a wide range of sawn timber and pellets of 6 and 8 mm.diameter.

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// 27 October 2015 // 16:50
September 22, during the International Investment Forum in the framework of the exhibition "Lisderevmash" our company announced the launch of two investment projects in the field of timber products:

- 2nd stage construction of the sawmill complex "Energostoroitel" with production of cross-glued panels. The volume of investments is about 10 million. Euro;

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- Implementation of the first Ukrainian fast-growing wood industrial plantations to meet the needs of the enterprise. The project total area of ​​plantation is 1000 ha which is to be planted in 8 years. Investment in this project is up to 5 million USD;
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Our products


The plant produces softwood lumber of 1/2 grade according to the customer specifications. Due to the use of modern equipment, the logs are sawn on a preset computer model which enables to produce any kind of timber. All products are anticeptized according to the standards.


Pellets are a normalized cylindrical pressed product made of the sawmill waste e.g. sawdust, shavings, wood chips. Pellets are made without chemical fixers under the high pressure. We produce pellets of 20-50 mm length with the diameter of 6 mm and 8 mm.

The quality of pellets corresponds to parameters of DIN +

Production process

The sawmill

The saw logs are supplied to the plant with 2 types of transportation: road and rail. After unloading the logs reach the sorting line, where it's sorted by diameter using the electronic measuring system.

Sawing takes place on a Chipper-Canter profiling line GiGa 03 "ACosta Righi" to produce edged and unedged boards, which are transported to the workshop where the edging boards are supplied to the trimming machine, and the edged boards directly to the trim. The workshop is equipped with three miter machines and the "Paul" trimmer. After processing, the products in the form of boards and timber are packaged and treated with antiseptic.

Pellet workshop

The workshop is a fully automatized system, comprising the "Siemens", "CPM", "Buffalo" and "Champion" equipment. The entire complex is managed by one operator and few workers. The shop is working around the clock.

Wastes are shredded and transported to the collector, from which they pass to the drying process. Drying is carried out by burning the own "timber" gas produced from wood chips. Dry sawdust is further crushed and carried to the granulator.

Performance of the complex is 3 tonnes per hour.

Finished goods warehouse

Finished products in the form of packaged lumber are stored on the operational site - finished goods warehouse, where later the stuffing of sea containers is performed as well as loading the finished goods on trucks.

Thanks to cooperation with leading shipping lines and land carriers, the plant "Energostroitel" provides a wide range of possibilities for the delivery of products, including delivery to a customer port in the importing country.



PE "Energostroitel"
21 km. of Starokievskoy Road 24/1
Kominternovsky District,
Odessa Region, Ukraine, 67560
Tel.: +38 (048) 7117845
Fax.: +38 (048) 7117846
e-mail: sales@estroy.biz

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